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Ganbei Podcast—The Stories Behind Qnetic

Curious to know the stories behind Qnetic’s mission? How did Qnetic arrive at its revolutionary idea and why will Qnetic succeed?

Mike and Loïc were invited by the Ganbei to explain all—the result is this riveting insight into Qnetic, its back-story, and its massive, world-changing potential.

Check it out!

We’d like to thank Ganbei Podcast Network for the opportunity to speak with them. You can also find the podcast by searching “Built in China Podcast” on any major podcast platforms. Please subscribe to their podcast for future releases.

Built in China, hosted by Jean Liu and Pei Yen, is part of the Ganbei Podcast Network. Ganbei podcasts are designed for executives focused on cross border business with China.

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