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Qnetic Proudly Partners with Rouse to Secure Our Innovations

Qnetic is thrilled to announce our partnership with Rouse, a leading patent attorney firm that specializes in technology-focused innovations. This collaboration will help us secure patents for our cutting-edge sustainable energy solutions, ensuring that our innovative ideas remain protected and paving the way for future growth and expansion.🔒💡🌱

As a company that is committed to creating a sustainable energy future, we recognize the importance of protecting our intellectual property. With the help of Rouse, we are safeguarding our innovations with patent protection to ensure that they remain exclusively ours.

Our patent author, Chartered Patent Attorney Philip Biggs, brings a wealth of expertise to the table, from an engineering background and extensive experience in gas turbines at Rolls-Royce.

We are also excited to share that our innovative solutions have garnered interest from investors. Qnetic is currently accepting investments on, providing an excellent opportunity for those who want to invest in sustainable energy and join us in creating a cleaner, greener future. 💰🌎🌿

At Qnetic, we are passionate about developing sustainable energy solutions that benefit our planet and its inhabitants. With the help of our partnership and the support of our investors, we are confident that we can continue to drive innovation and make a positive impact on the world. 🔋🌍💚

Join us in our mission to create a sustainable energy future by investing in Qnetic today. Now there are less than 20% of the Early Bird terms remain! Together, we can build a better world, one innovation at a time.

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