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Qnetic is Entrepreneur of the Year!

Qnetic just achieved an incredible double-win in the Young Green Tech Innovation Competition 2022.

Qnetic was awarded Winner of the Year along with several others from over a dozen countries globally, against criteria of innovation, viability and impact of Qnetic.

However, we are excited and honored to announce Qnetic was also awarded an Entrepreneur of the Year prize!

What is the Young Green Tech Competition?

YGT aims to encourage the young generation to pursue solutions with innovative approaches to the challenges of global sustainable development. They help young entrepreneurs to achieve greater business success and form greater social influence; to contribute more to the cause of sustainable development through global brand building; investment and financing; industrial resources; in-depth training; incubator supply and social circle elevation.

The Qnetic team is very grateful for the opportunity to participate, the recognition of being a winner, and the honor to be a YGT alumni!

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1 Comment

S Rokocakau
S Rokocakau
Jan 01, 2023

Congratulations!! I really hope you guys are able to get these municipalities to have this technology accepted as it best option for grid stabilization and de-centralized immediate energy demands solution.

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